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An APHA Club of Distinction

New Jersey Bred Program

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Definition of New Jersey Bred

A New Jersey Bred horse is:

a) Any foal dropped in the state of New Jersey, except for the foals of transient mares. A mare will be considered to be a transient mare if she does not reside in the State of New Jersey for at least 120 consecutive days including the day of foaling. The owner of a mare may be asked to submit proof of such residence to the individual bred groups;


b)Any foal resulting from an embryo transfer from a mare who resides 120 cumulative days in the State of New Jersey, providing blood typing of the mare, stallion, and foal carried out to authenticate parentage. A mare must donate only in New Jersey, an embryo transfer is agreeable to the national registry of the breed;


c) The get of any stallion standing in New Jersey the full breeding season of the year in which the foal was conceived. Stallions standing in New Jersey must breed only in New Jersey for any yearly breeding season;


d)Foals resulting from transport of semen from a stallion standing the full season in the State of New Jersey, will be considered a New Jersey Bred, providing blood typing of the stallion, mare, and foal is carried out to authenticate parentage and semen transport is

agreeable to the national registry of the breed.

Do you have a New Jersey Bred APHA Registered Horse that you would like to nominate for the 2020 NJ Bred Superior Achievement Award??  Please submit your nomination to Julie Bishop before 10-1-20 for consideration.  Two winners will be chosen to represent the Garden State Paint Horse Club at the banquet honoring NJ Bred achievers of all breeds.  Contact Julie Bishop - Chairperson

1086 Harding Hwy, Newfield, NJ 08344


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